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Goods for kids

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Products for children in Israel

Children are in constant need of care. They need shoes, clothes, feed, buy toys and other goods in order for the baby to be well looked after, warm, grow well and feel comfortable. You can buy / sell children's products in Israel using the BETAH service. It was specifically created to facilitate adaptation in a foreign country and business development.

What products for children can be purchased from the service?

An adult can somehow harm himself, but he will buy everything that a child needs. Caring for children is the basis of life. Parents want to give them what they were denied in childhood. The child is constantly growing and developing, and things that were often necessary lose their relevance after six months, become superfluous. Adventurous parents sell them on the BETAH service, where you can easily do the following:

    House furniture


    car seats

    Kids Games


    baby carriages

    Nutrition products and much more.

The service is designed in such a way that online stores can receive advertisements. You can buy new and used baby products in Jerusalem. The choice depends on the personal preferences of the parents and their financial situation. It often happens that a child used a thing only once, then it became superfluous, it grew, the product remained in perfect condition, and the price had to be reduced.

Children's goods in Bat Yam are incredibly diverse, on the site you will find products from famous brands or budget manufacturers, and often you will find handmade things, which are often of much higher value. The choice is really large, you can pick up things for any age, taste and wallet.

In which cities does the service work and what are the benefits of cooperation?

Buying baby products in Ramat Menashe is as easy as in other cities in Israel. The service operates in almost all parts of the country:


    Bat Yam


    Haifa and its environs

    Ramat Menashe

    Beit Shemesh and its surroundings

    Ramat Gan

    Givatayim and others.

You can use the services of the Service from any device connected to the Internet. If you enable geolocation, the location will automatically return those query results that are within walking distance of you.

The service is convenient, especially when it comes to buying bulky items (baby carriages, wardrobes, cribs, changing tables). If the product that interests you is located in another city, you can send it by courier service (by negotiation with the seller).

The BETAH service appeared relatively recently, and it was created for immigrants from different countries, including the CIS, for a comfortable life in Israel. Here you can easily find the product or service you need. For simple navigation on the site, a convenient address was created, filters were developed (with a photo, private / legal entity, photo, and others). The service is designed so that the customer can find what he has been looking for for a long time.

A resident of Israel can place an advertisement on the website, it will not take long, it will give an opportunity to sell unnecessary things to children, and for the money collected you can buy toys for your child. Conditions are created for a comfortable interaction between buyer and seller.

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