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Electronic devices

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Electronic devices in Israel

Rapid technological progress makes our lives more convenient and comfortable every day. The active development of electronics and electrical engineering in the second half of the twentieth century gave mankind a whole arsenal of new devices, devices, gadgets and devices. In our online store you can buy the latest novelties on the market for these devices.

Today, buying personal devices in Israel is as simple as buying a bottle of water in a store. Often the main problem is choosing the right device more than its price. With the help of the BETAH service, you can determine exactly what you need and get it at an affordable cost.

What does our online store offer?

Our online store e-catalog is optimized for quick and easy shopping. The search system is intuitive and straightforward. You just need to select the type of devices you are interested in, as well as the city in which you prefer to make a purchase. The BETAH service allows you to purchase consumer electronics in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat, Beersheba, Ashdod and other major cities in the country within a few minutes.

All products in this direction are divided into the following groups:


    games, consoles and software;

    Office equipment and consumables.

    photographic equipment;

    tablets and e-books;

    Desktop computers.

Phones belong to the most popular category. Mobile communication has always become a mandatory component for everyone who lives in Israel. The cellular network covers the entire territory of the country, and by purchasing a mobile phone using the BETAH service, you will always be in touch.

Computer software helps you get the most out of these devices. Today's market trend is considered one of the most dynamic. In our store you can buy both standard office applications and specialized applications, for example, graphic and video editors. In addition, we have a large selection of PC games that will give you hours of fun.

Computers are displayed in several categories at once. It should be noted that laptops are more popular than stationary models due to their portability. And if you need a device for reading e-books or entertainment, it is recommended to choose a tablet.

How to buy consumer electronics quickly

Before you buy consumer electronics in Israel using the services of the BETAH service, determine for yourself the main purchase criteria. These categories include:



    technical significance;

    Warranty availability.

For many, the price of a tool or device is the main factor affecting their choice. From us you can buy both new merchandise at full cost and used equipment at a much lower price than the initial price.

To determine the characteristics of the desired device, refer to open sources. In addition, you can always contact the seller and ask questions that interest him.

Warranty is required when selling new equipment. If you become the owner of something you have already used, we recommend that you agree with the seller in advance about a reasonable time to check it out.



Buy electronic devices in Israel, buy electronic devices in Tel Aviv

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