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Audi in Israel

The advantage of Audi is that the buyer can pick up a car of this brand in almost any existing class. If you're looking to buy an Audi in Be'er Sheva, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa, consider the subcompact car option. Residents of remote settlements will not be mistaken if they choose an Audi crossover. It will be universal to purchase a medium or large family car in a sedan or hatchback body.

On the Acol website, you can find a seller as close as possible to your current location. This approach will speed up the transaction or allow the search to continue immediately. It is convenient to specify the year of manufacture of the car and its mileage in the search category in order to most objectively assess the condition of the vehicle.

Audi for every situation

Among the large number of German cars, the Audi brand is one of the most common. Great history, vast experience and positive feedback from drivers are a confirmation of the high quality of these cars. Dozens of models are available on the Israeli vehicle market, both modern and those that rolled off the assembly line decades ago. You can choose the right modification for yourself in just a few minutes using the Acol website.
History of Audi

Audi cars appeared thanks to the talented German engineer and businessman August Horch. And although he did not manage the company for long, it was he who laid the foundations of doing business and corporate philosophy. The Second World War significantly damaged the production capacity of the enterprise, the serial production of machines was restored only in 1949.

The company received a second wind and rapid growth with the arrival of Ferdinand Piekh as chief designer. A born engineer, Audi made cars a model for the use of technological progress. It was with his help that a galvanized stainless steel body, an aerodynamically designed car profile, a gasoline turbocharged engine and diesel power plants using direct injection were introduced into production.

When buying Audi cars in Israel, you can count on:

    real German quality;

    reasonable price for the car;

    reliability of each vehicle;

    low car maintenance costs.

Today, automotive house Audi offers both economical workhorses and prestigious status cars.

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