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Land Rover

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Best Land Rover Deals in Israel

By visiting the Acol resource, you can find Land Rover auto sales ads from Haifa, Tel Aviv and other cities of the country. Picking up a Land Rover car to suit your requirements and budget is not difficult. Our staff checks all offers from sellers before they are posted on the site. Users of the resource can familiarize themselves with the rules of Acol, they are described in the relevant section.

For those who want to quickly sell their car, you should use the paid services of the resource. There is also a turbo sell feature to help highlight your offer with a marker. This will help it to stand out among other ads, more buyers pay attention to it. Acol respects the privacy policy for all site visitors. For all questions, you can contact the support service. Buying a decent Land Rover car in Ashdod, Beer Sheva, Jerusalem and other cities of the country is very simple. All offers on Acol are checked by our staff and correspond to reality.

Land Rover powerful and comfortable

Land Rover cars are produced by a British company and belong to luxury SUVs. The company was founded in 1948 by two brothers, after a short time the first car appeared, which became very popular with motorists. For the Land Rover body, aluminum alloys were used, which are distinguished by reliability and durability. The car had a high cross-country ability, so it was widely used by the military, farmers, and workers of various rescue services. In 1950, the car was modernized, improving the capabilities of all-wheel drive. Engine power increased to 2 liters. In 1958, cars began to be equipped with diesel engines.

The demand for Land Rover cars is quite large, until 1965, 500 thousand units of cars were produced. Further, a new 6-cylinder engine is being developed, the car is of great interest to fans of outdoor activities and off-road driving. The company is developing a new model Range Rover I, which has high cross-country ability, excellent maneuverability and comfort. In 1989, the Discovery rolled off the assembly line, positioning itself as a family car for traveling. Later, the Evoque, Velar and updated Range Rover models are produced. This happens after 2008, already under the leadership of the TATA Group, which bought Land Rover.

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