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Buy Mazda in Israel

By visiting the Acol online resource, you will find the best deals for selling Mazda cars in Israel. It will not be difficult to buy a Mazda yad2 car in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheva. Thanks to the catalog and built-in filters that are on the site, it is very easy to find offers that suit your financial capabilities and needs. All ads posted on the site are moderated by Acol employees.

For sellers, it is possible to use the paid services of the Acol resource. This will help raise the offer to the TOP. Enabling the quick sale feature highlights the ad with a marker. Thanks to this, a potential buyer will not miss it among other offers. For any remaining questions, please contact Acol Support. Before submitting ads, carefully read the rules of the site. You can always buy a reliable and worthy Mazda car in Ashdod, Jerusalem, Netanya on our resource. Acol has a large selection of cars from all regions of the country.

Mazda - reliability and comfort

Mazda was founded in 1920. After 7 years, the company began producing motorcycles and industrial machines. Already in 1930, racing competitions were won on one of the motorcycles manufactured by Mazda. Thanks to this, the recognition and interest of users in the company's technology has increased many times over. In 1931, trucks on three wheels were produced. The first passenger car of the company came out after a long time - in 1960. It was an R360 coupe with a two-cylinder engine. The car was not comfortable, but was sold at an affordable price. After another 3 years, luxury cars roll off the assembly line - the Mazda Familia 800 and 1000 models. Four-cylinder engines were installed on them.

Already in 1963, the number of cars produced reached 1 million units. In 1966, Mazda released a new development - a car with a rotary piston engine Cosmo Sports 110 S. Thanks to this model, the company manages to enter the European market and begin to conquer it. Mazda has been exporting its models to the USA since 1970. In 1979, the company merged with the Ford concern. In 1991 Mazda won first place in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. Mazda cars are quite popular with car enthusiasts due to their reliability, comfort and a large selection of models.

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