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Buy a Toyota car in Israel

If you are a fan of Toyota, then you can pick up a car of the specified brand on the Acol website in just 15 minutes. The search is worth starting by choosing the desired body of a promising purchase. The most popular in Israel in this respect are sedans and crossovers. After that, you should focus on the release date of the vehicle and its mileage. If you pre-assess the condition of the purchase from the photo, you can save time on making a decision on the appropriateness of the acquisition.
Toyota as the pride of the Japanese automotive industry

The world's largest automobile company, which for many has become a symbol of engineering in general, is Toyota. Vehicles of this brand can be found in any corner of the world. The release of models is estimated in millions and occupies a significant share of the passenger car market. If you decide to buy a car of this brand, you can choose for yourself a model of absolutely any format: from an ultra-compact urban small car to a full-size pickup truck that looks more like a truck. Buying a Toyota in Netanya, Beer Sheva or Ashdod is very easy thanks to the large number of offers collected on the Acol marketplace. We help the buyer and seller find each other as quickly as possible.
Becoming a leader

The company originates in 1924, but at that time the main profile of its activity was looms. The development of mechanical technologies made it possible to create a solid base for the development of new areas of activity. The passenger car division was opened in 1933. At the same time, a truck of this brand was also launched on the market.

During the Second World War, the company's plant in the city of Aichi was badly damaged by bombing. However, a few years after the surrender of Japan, production was back in full operation. Active corporate policy and balanced marketing have made Toyota the leading domestic car brand in Japan. To date, 40% of all cars in this country have left the assembly line of this manufacturer.

Toyota's reliability and economy have become a household name. These machines are popular due to:

To attract attention, the company regularly exposes its cars to rally races. In addition, Toyota engines were supplied to some teams in the Royal Races, as Formula 1 races are often called.

New factories are opened all over the world. The fact that Toyota is made in Kentucky, Ontario, Samut Prakan and Jakarta makes them fairly affordable in Israel as well.

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